Whether you head a startup looking to tell your story, navigate today's media landscape or develop a presentation to secure additional funding, All Things Green PR can help you succeed with the audiences that matter.

If you work for a multinational in need of in creative ways to publicize your corporate citizenship and sustainability initiatives, we will work with you to develop customized and integrated programs that improve your reputation and build your brand to your advantage.

Regardless of your company’s size, industry or business objectives, our services are designed to help establish and build awareness, drive demand for products and services, cement relationships with influencers and stakeholders, and establish thought leadership.

All Things Green PR provides strategic communications counsel that is research-driven. Our work is based on an understanding of what a client does, the market in which it operates and what it wants to accomplish. We customize programs and undertake initiatives to help companies make a significant and lasting difference.

Corporate Communications
Corporate communications are used to build a company's reputation with its stakeholders. It considers a company’s mission, value proposition and marketplace differentiators. What does your brand represent? We develop corporate communications that effectively and consistently educate employees, shareholders, customers, partners, media, analysts, NGOs, public policy makers, and others on the attributes of your company to support your business goals and build good will.

Messaging and Positioning
By dedicating resources to understanding and monitoring industry developments, we help clients succinctly state their value proposition and marketplace position. We audit employees, partners, shareholders, non-profits, the media, and others to understand current perceptions and map those to the desired perception. The messages and positioning we develop bridge the gap between current and desired perception—and are always credible and defensible.  

Marketing Communications
From developing website content to marketing collateral to newsletters and sales and investor presentations, we write creative and compelling copy tailored to your stakeholders.

Market Research
Industry audits are critical to understanding how companies and their competitors are perceived. Understanding that corporate and product perceptions affect the success of any company, we provide intelligence that uncovers strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Whenever possible, we conduct the same analysis of competitors. We audit media coverage, analyst reports, and Wall Street perspectives and speak with key influencers to understand markets. We then develop competitive reports and use findings to develop media campaigns that shape debates and de-position competitors.

Media Relations
Effective media relations starts with knowing which reporters matter and how to build and leverage relationships with them. You then need to have a compelling story to tell and a unique point of view that gets attention. By understanding what matters most to reporters, we provide clients with a checklist of must-have messages and proof points. Starting with developing a media relations strategy, we design and execute tactics. We are skilled at telling stories and creative pitches, media training, press briefings, leveraging editorial calendars, bylined articles, opinion-editorials, and editorial board meetings to help you reach key industry and business reporters. In short, we will generate quality coverage that raises profiles and sets our clients apart.

Public Relations
Public relations (PR) is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics. Effective PR starts with knowing who your public is. Major donors? Individual contributors? Consumers? Policy makers? We can help you identify who your stakeholders are and how best to engage with them to build good will in a way that builds your brand and helps you reach your short and long term goals.

Social Media
Having a social media strategy can help you build brand awareness, increase brand loyalty and drive sales. Having a smart online presence is imperative in our always on, hyper-connected world. Whether you want help starting a blog or using the most valuable social media platforms, we can help you determine which tools to use to engage customers, partners, press, or shareholders in a way that makes sense.

Speaker’s Bureau Programs
Having comprehensive executive visibility programs are a key component of public relations. Once we understand a client's communications strategy and goals, we develop speakers’ bureau programs that ensure a measurable return on investment. Knowing which events are the most influential and generate the most news coverage is step one. Step two is writing intelligent and compelling submissions to ensure clients get invited to speak. Step three is publicizing participation and inviting key customers, partners and industry influencers to attend. Once placement is secured, we provide intelligence on the audience and other speakers. We also provide speaking points, develop presentations and coach executives to ensure they are prepared to deliver a quality performance.

Thought Leadership
If you need help converting subject matter expertise into a thought leadership platform or identifying how to participate in key industry discussions, we will conduct audits and develop your thought leadership platform. Through briefings that educate analysts and media, speaking opportunities that increase executive visibility, opinion editorials and bylined articles, we help clients create and tell their story in way that set them apart. By having unique and credible perspectives, our clients earn a place at the table and are called upon as industry experts. 

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